As you see, we are ready to help you with creating an application, but there is another case. If you already have a program, we can offer you its advertisement. Our site has a large audience with different tastes and needs. That’s why we are sure you will find new customers quickly. Here are two ways how you can publicize your application. 

The simplest method is to add your review to our site. People usually search for the app they need in our lists – there are filters that allow making this process easy and fast. So, if you have a grocery shop, for example, we leave your product description in the grocery shops section. The user will see the review and go to your site or download an app. 

We have many standing customers, and they get a mailout almost every day. They can choose the fields they’re interested in. Our team creates a unique application list for every user due to his preferences. So, another way to advertise your project is to add it to the mailout. By the way, you may choose the people who will get the messages using their questionnaires. 

Of course, you are able to post your application on our site and do the mailout at the same time. Usually, you will see the results in a few days. Our specialists will help you to create a review that will provoke interest from the first word. That’s why you can rely on our team and service.

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